ShotSolve is a free Mac app that allows you to take a screenshot and then uses GPT-4o to solve any question you have in mind.

macOS 12+ · Intel, Apple Silicon

Brought to you by BoltAI


Hi, I'm Daniel and I build AI apps 👋

ShotSolve is a free mac app that allows you to take a screenshot and quickly ask GPT-4o about it.

I came up with this idea right after OpenAI released the GPT-4 Vision API but I didn't really find a good use case for it at the time. Until one of my customers wants to generate & preview code from their Figma documents then it finally clicks for me.

I could use ShotSolve to quickly solve a lot of questions:

  • Generate & preview code from design
  • Design Critique
  • Software UI/UX feedback
  • Marketing Material Evaluation
  • Software Contextual Help
  • Programming Tutorial Generation


The ability to run a pre-configured prompt against a screenshot is amazing.


While ShotSolve is simple to use, it's quite powerful (thanks to the BoltAI's engine)

Native mac app

  • It's native, built with great attention to details and not another 500MB Electron app
  • Familiar UI
  • Universal Shortcuts Keys
  • Super-fast Apple M1/M2 performance
  • Integrates well with other services

Chat UI

  • Beautiful & intuitive UI
  • Light & dark mode
  • Supports custom font & line spacing
  • Custom font & theme for code blocks
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts
  • Manage chat context: edit or delete messages, regenerate answers...

OpenAI advanced configuration

  • Supports custom API Host
  • Allows setting context limit
  • Custom System Instruction
  • Supports advanced GPT paramterers: temperature, presence penalty, frequency penalty...

Privacy & Securiry

  • ShotSolve stores your API Key securely in Apple Keychain
  • ShotSolve does not store or analyze the content you type
  • Your prompts are sent directly to OpenAI server


Here are some screenshots of ShotSolve (click to open the large version)


Is this really free? Are you stealing my API Key? What's the catch?

Stealing... Oh God no.

I've been building a full-feature ChatGPT app called BoltAI. ShotSolve uses the underlying engine from BoltAI.

This app serves as a demo of what you can do with BoltAI. It's one of many useful features BoltAI offers.

I hope you find ShotSolve useful and maybe consider purchasing BoltAI, or tell your friends about it.

How to use

Using ShotSolve is simple:

  1. Take a screenshot (Default shortcut key: Command + Shift + 1)
  2. Ask a question
  3. GPT-4 Vision should handle the rest

Can I use this with my ChatGPT subscription?

No. You need to bring your OpenAI API key to use ShotSolve.

Follow this step-by-step guide to create an API key.

Important: your API account must have a valid payment method on-file. Learn more...



  • New: Use GPT-4o as the default model
  • Added native support for LaTeX rendering
  • Improved the chat text field


  • MVP release